Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day at the lake

We had fathers day with my family last Thursday at my parents house. I alwasy forget to take pictures. Will's family is much better at taking them. Here is a picture of his family at the lake. They called me and Price off the jet ski to take this. That is why I look really nice with a towel wrapped around me.


Ali said...

i like your bathing suit!! is it from lands end? i have a very similar one, but different style top and in the other flower color scheme! :) i wanted the one that you have, but they were out of my size! after having mine, i like it just as much! so glad to finally see a pic of you guys! i can't believe how big both of your girls are! too cute!

The Smittys said...

price is a little lippard... holy cow! happy 4th!